Legilux is a text font family designed for best possible legibility in running text. Beside its clearness Legilux offers a warm and friendly atmosphere—a true invitation for every observer to become a reader.

Currently Legilux is under construction and growing day by day. At present it comes with a serif and a sans serif version. Legilux Serif features five optical sizes for best legibility indepentent of chosen point size, which comes with six to seven weights each. Legilux Sans is in the fledgling stages, but yet offers a nice working basic regular weight.

An early version of Legilux Serif already won the 1st Public Choice Award of the Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016.



Legilux is an elegant but sturdy workhorse for huge amounts of text. It generates a smooth and inviting atmosphere, while it’s clear and very legible at the same time. An expanded character set already supports nearly every latin-based language (besides of Vietnames—so far). More

Optical Scaling

Optical Scaling is a design method which responds to optical influences of our vision. According to the pictured size a given proportion of black and white elements appears inconsistent: in small sizes thin black lines run the risk of disappearence and small white space seems even smaller—reverse large shown white space looks bigger than it actually is. More


Struggling for legibility and typographic structuring Legilux offers numerous functional OpenType Features. Ligatures save the rhythm of black and white despite difficult letter combinations. Specialized sets of figures ensure the harmonious use of numerals in text, table or scientific area. At last stylistic alternates and ornaments broaden the design possibilities by tuning the tone and enhancing clarity respectively. More